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My Last Project

Anthology on the Film Grease

I first met the director of the film Randal Kleiser in the mid-90's in Los Angeles. That was the beginning of my interest in blockbusters which led to my doing a PhD. Why do specific films work and attract viewers by the millions, whereas others, with the same good intentions, fail miserably? In the case of Grease, this book goes a long way towards explaining why it became a global phenomenon and the second highest earning musical ever (inflation adjusted). 


The Major: Last Survivor of the Raj

I am  very  proud and excited to share some details on my current book. I am writing the biography of my late teacher Major Geoffrey Langlands OBE.

It is not every teacher whose death sends an entire country into mourning. But then, Major Geoffrey Langlands was no ordinary teacher and his was no ordinary life: The BBC.

Intrepid British Army officer described as a relic of the Raj, who stayed on after Partition in 1947 and became a headmaster in Pakistan: The London Times

Lupus non timet canem lantrantem

"A wolf is not afraid of a barking dog."


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