On set at Warner Bros.

These are the three other things you need as a screenwriter:

1) You need to know what the studios are looking for and how you can make sure your script gets to the top dog who can actually say "yes". For that you need a copy of my peer reviewed article "Creative Decision Making in the Hollywood Studios", published by the Journal of Screenwriting. This will exponentially increase your chances of landing an agent and a sale. It will help set you up with a lucrative screenwriting career for only $5.99. 


2) How are you going to write a screenplay that sells for a lot of money if you do not know how the production companies and studios assess your work? I spent five years as a studio analyst, seven as a literary agent and several more as an expert consultant to various film investment entities to include the EU's EACEA. The Studio Manual is based on over 15 years in the trenches industry experience, unlike most industry books written by hacks who never spent a day on a set. Yours for only $9.99 (eBook).      



3) Both emailed to you for only $14.00. 


4) The final and most important attributes you need are: tenacity, the will and the smarts to succeed. Talent is no guarantee of success. Most of the really talented screenwriters I ever found never made it. They are selling shoes or painting houses. The ones who made it, are the ones who wanted it the most. If you want studio, network or streamer money, don't write for yourself, write for the industry, write to entertain people and please, don't lecture or pontificate, that's why we have classrooms and pulpits. As Louis B. Mayer said: "If you've got a message, send it by Western Union". 

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