Reviews of work in progress on the book


“What a brilliant idea. I was very impressed… Think of that story as a movie, a four-hander moving across time between the Alexander figure, the Taliban figure, the ISI figure, someone in the CIA/NSA or State Dept, and of course the British teacher and you would have a blockbuster of your own.” Giles Foden author The Last King of Scotland

“It is rare to see a project that has so much potential as an epic film. The Major stands out as an exciting action piece combined with a top-notch character study. The story has elements of Mr Holland’s Opus and Cider House Rules all set against an exciting action filled backdrop that gives us a first-hand look at history from WWI England to present day Pakistan, through the eyes of a unique individual.” Tom Craig, Universal Studio: Senior Vice President of Production responsible for Shakespeare In Love


“Written with conviction, insight and flair, Alexander Ross's The Major promises to be a compelling blend of biography and memoir. This study of the singular and esteemed educationalist Geoffrey Langlands by one of his former pupils is a poignant, tender account of the challenges faced by boys who grow up fatherless and reveals how impressively they can be overcome.” Keiron Pym, author of Jumping Jack Flash

“What I like about this proposal is how you weave into Geoffrey Langlands’ astonishing story his impact on you. Your experience as one of the Major’s students at Aitchison, your similar fatherless upbringings and how his passing at 101 generated an awakening in you, makes this account that you are embarking on a more original approach than a traditional biography. Right up front, I’m interested in this remarkable man, since his life represents so much that Westerners know little about: the violent birth of Pakistan from the point of view of a British officer training young Pakistani soldiers there; then his 25 years of teaching at Aitchison College which shaped the lives of thousands of students including world leaders. That in itself provides a sensational backdrop for a compelling film, but to repeat myself, your first person story of the Major’s effect on you makes this very special. I think this is going to go all the way, Alexander.” Peter Saphier, film producer, former Sr. VP of production, Universal Studios


"I think you're on to a winner with The Major.... In my years as a writer and senior lecturer at UEA I have not come across such an unusual & exciting a project as The Major; Alexander Ross is just the man for the job, he writes very well and I have no doubt that a best-selling book will come of his research." Ian Thomson, author Primo Levi: The Elements of a Life

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