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Script Consulting with Hollywood Studio trained Analyst

and member of the British Film Academy (BAFTA) Dr. Alexander Ross

Why me? 

There are a thousand people out there who will take your money to sell you their opinions, most of them are more likely to do you harm than good, because they have little valid industry experience.

I am the only one to:

1) Have been trained in the story department of a a major Hollywood studio. I covered over 800 scripts and novels for highly demanding executives and producers before I became a...

2) Literary agent in Beverly Hills and amongst others represented Quentin Tarantino, Christopher De Vore (Elephant Man) & Mardik Martin (Raging Bull).

3) I then went on to start off a literary management company and discovered a number of writers such as Andrew Niccol (The Truman Show, Dir. Peter Weir) and Iris Yamashita (Letters from Iwo Jima, Dir. Clint Eastwood). Both Academy nominated. I also worked with a number of other writers to whom I provided script feedback, such as Pat Duncan (Mr. Holland's Opus) and am presently working on a script for twice Academy nominated director Habib Zargarpour.

4) I produced a film, The List, which I sold to Warner Bros.

5) I am an expert consultant to the Europen Union's EACEA program. Their film finance arm which analyzes thousands of scripts a year.

6) My career has been validated by my election to the British Film Academy in 2004.

7) I organized and attended over 7000 pitch meetings in Los Angeles, mainly with the heads of production of the studios.

8) I just completed 4 years of detailed research for my PhD into thousands of films to identify key factors that determine their success or failure. For this, I worked with not only leading Hollywood players, but business school based academics globally. This has given me a unique insight into the replicable keys of success, which I will factor into the feedback I provide you.

9) If your script merits it, I will be glad to submit it to relevant, high ranking contacts.

If this does not convince you. No problems. Here's a list of other script consultants.. 

If you are interested, please read on.

Two types of consulting packages:

1) Studio Coverage: This is the same feedback a studio analyst will provide the executives or agents will receive, when you submit for consideration.  You need to know what they say about your script before you actually submit it, as once they have turned you down they are extremely unlikely to reconsider. CLICK for sample. Presently available at a significant discount of $99 (without synopsis). These usually cost $179. Am only taking on a few more till my schedule fills up and then we are back to the usual price. 

2)  Development Notes: These are the same notes that writers who have been optioned will receive from the studios and production companies. They are much more detailed and address every issue that needs fixing. Whereas Studio Coverage is about telling the executive why to acquire a project, or mainly not, as the case may be, Development Notes are purely geared towards helping you fix all issues. CLICK for sample. Presently available for $199. Usually they cost $379.


Discount only available for a few days till the slots are filled up. 


Educated at the universities of Heidelberg, Cambridge, the ESCP business school in Paris and UEA. He attended the London Film School and recruited Derek Jarman to help him with his award winning short, which also featured Nigel Terry. 
Alex started his filmmaking career by working for Ismail Merchant on Maurice, starring Hugh Grant. After moving to Los Angeles, he was trained as a story analyst in the venerable M.G.M story department and also worked as an analyst for Sally Field, Dick Clark and many others.
Subsequently he became an agent at the Gray/Goodman agency which represented Quentin Tarantino, Christopher De Vore (Elephant Man) & Mardik Martin (Raging Bull). Seizing an opportunity, he founded Fortis Entertainment, a management company, and discovered Andrew Niccol who wrote and produced The Truman Show (Academy nominated for best screenplay). Amongst others, he also discovered the screenwriter Iris Yamashita, who received an Academy nomination for the Clint Eastwood film Letters from Iwo Jima.
Alex sold Fortis Entertainment to Sandra Bullock and spent the rest of that year teaching at various universities, film school and colleges in the UK & US.
In addition to having been interviewed on prime-time network T.V. by Dateline N.B.C, his career has been covered by: The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, The Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker, Reuters, Newsday, The London Times, Daily Mail, The Guardian and others.
Alex became a member of the British Academy (BAFTA) in 2004. He produced the romantic comedy The List starring Wayne Brady, Sydney Poitier, Brad Dourif, Illeana Douglas, and Jane Lynch. The movie was acquired by Warner Bros. 
He was appointed as an expert by the EU's: Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency MEDIA Program in 2016 and is continuing in that position. 
Alex is a peer review published researcher and received his PhD for investigating risk reduction in motion picture investment in blockbuster movies. He is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA). 

He just contributed a chapter to the new anthology on Grease (1978) (Ed. Peter Kramer and Oliver Gruner). The book is called 'Grease is the Word': Exploring a Cultural Phenomenon. It was published by Anthem Press in December 2019.

Ross, Alexander G. (2007), The Confidential Studio Manual, Iowa: Fidlar-Doubleday.
Ross, Alexander G. "Creative decision making within the contemporary Hollywood studios." Journal of screenwriting 2.1 (2011): 99-116. 

My PhD thesis: “The evolution of the blockbuster film business model during the New Hollywood period: A qualitative investigation of five case studies, 1966-1985”. Is a qualitative deconstruction of several key movies, which looks for and identifies replicable markers of success.

There are four things you need to succeed as a screenwriter. Consulting is one.

Here's the other three.

For producers I am able to provide detailed insight into the revenue potential of a film project. 

Please email me.

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