Quotes from the Global Press about the Major:

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Intrepid British Army officer described as a relic of the Raj, who stayed on after Partition in 1947 and became a headmaster in Pakistan.

Major Geoffrey Langlands headmaster, war time commando and ‘quintessential Englishman’ who for decades taught mathematics and old-fashioned virtues at elite schools in Pakistan.

Tribesmen (in North Waziristan) held him hostage for six days in 1988. “It wasn’t so bad,” he said in 2012. “They were very polite once they found out I was 71. And before I left, they insisted on having their photo taken with me."

It is not every teacher whose death sends an entire country into mourning. But then, Major Geoffrey Langlands was no ordinary teacher and his was no ordinary life.


He has been kidnapped and taken tea with princesses.

Langlands lived and worked in the mountainous district of Chitral where he ran a school bearing his name and whose many students have bagged top slots at universities in bigger cities in Pakistan as well as the United States and the United Kingdom. In 1991, Diana, Princess of Wales, paid him a visit.

At Aitchison, during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, he was exasperated when the college cooks could not be drilled into a decent Home Guard, but took refuge under the banyan trees when Indian planes roared over.

Former soldier Geoffrey Langlands counted future political leaders among his students, many of whom paid ­tribute as thousands of mourners flocked to his funeral in Lahore.
Among them was PM Imran Khan, who said he was “saddened to learn of the passing of my teacher”.


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